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Today's spending

January 5th, 2013 at 08:17 pm

So I decided to use the BoA CC to earn cash back points. Hit the grocery store and Wal*Mart today, below you will find the totals. After using the card as soon as I got home I paid the charges totaling $97.93 and an extra $2.07 because I rounded up, grand total paid $100 plus I earned 97 points.

Expense Categories
Miscellaneous $34.96
Groceries $32.26
Household : Cleaning Supplies $9.94
Personal Care : Makeup $7.94
Education : Supplies $6.91
Sales Tax $4.06
Personal Care : Feminine Products $1.86
Total Expense Categories $97.93

Grand Total -$97.93

$20 Challenge
$2.07 Debt
$3.99 Saving (Publix had BOGO on cheese)
Total $ 6.06

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