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Couponing, yay!

July 13th, 2014 at 08:02 pm

Today I've decided to start back couponing, why I stopped ? I don't know.

I asked the BF to bring home his mom's Sunday paper because she never uses the coupons. I also asked my sister to bring her coworkers papers home (they use to save them for me).

So since I'm back couponing, I went to Publix and picked up three boxes of Capri Sun for 79 cents each. Not bad, each box hold 10. Publix has a dollar off coupon in their coupon book. While there I picked up a few of their booklets and tomorrow I plan on picking up about 10 more boxes. Being that I take these to work, they should last until Christmas Smile

On a different note, I wanted to share my three things that I'm thankful for:
• I'm thankful for this blog. Stumbling on this site about 8 years ago has really changed my financial world for the better. Not saying I haven't stumbled but that this site has allowed me to make better financial decisions.
• I'm thankful for the money saved on the Capri Sun Wink
• Thankful for seeing my great nephews and neice today, it was nice seeing them

That's it for me, wishing everyone a great work week

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