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What's happening today

July 16th, 2014 at 04:09 pm

Great day today. My new manager is attempting to teach me everything benefits so that I can be the next benefits administrator. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.

While in grad school benefits/compensation wasn't my favorite subject, even when I was studying for my PHR, I hated it. But when I say for the exam, I did very well, so go figure.

I'm hoping to be with this organization for the next five years, they're growing and I'm learning.

Today was a good day as far as spending goes. I had breakfast at home, packed my lunch, and dinner is made, so I'm add $6 to my challenge/emergency fund.

I almost forgot, my BF who held the fort down while I was unemployed for eight months, had the nerve to ask me to finance a $8,000 lawn mower. My answer was NO!

Lastly, three things that I'm thankful for:
• My friends here on Saving Advice. The support I receive here whether it's on my finances or my personal life means so much to me. I am truly thankful
• My car. Thank God I have reliable transportation without any car payments
• My BF mom is out of her coma and is responding

That's it in a nutshell

3 Responses to “What's happening today”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    Is this the same bf with the kids? The one you were living with? Why don't you just move money to your challenge/emergency fund and just budget eating out/grocery money so that every meal you eat at home you aren't adding $2 here or there..just curious?

  2. veronak Says:

    Yep same BF. I loss my job right when I was planning on leaving him and was surprised when he actually stepped up to the plate and handled all the bills. I told him I wasn't comfortable with financing the mower so he's doing that himself. As far as the $2 here and there, I reward myself for not purchasing meals and put that money in my EF account. I use to do this some years back and was surprised at how much money I saved so I decided to do it again. I figured it keeps me motivated plus I'm saving way more than $2 here and there when ever I done in. Smile

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That's great that you're learning new things at your job!

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