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End of October Spending

November 5th, 2017 at 04:34 pm

Looking at my spending for the last budget period I am very upset. Though I stayed within budget, there are areas that I can definitely improve.

One pay down the CC so that I'm not paying so much interests, over $300, this is ridiculous. I'm expecting a check for about $600, I'm going to use this to pay off CC 2.

Cable, the fiancé likes all the premium channels plus the HDTV. I'll be sitting him down over the next weekend and having a tough conversation. I can do without the premium and HDTV channels so if he wants them, I'm no longer going to pay half. It's ridiculous, I do like the high speed internet, I'm okay with that but the other stuff, I'm done. Groceries, not too bad, I'm over by $15 in this area. I'll work on this as well. Money gram $39 fee is what was charged to stop payment on two money orders. Not sure why this showed up on the report.
Miscellaneous consists of a plot, I'm paying on, checks ordered etc.

I made both BBQ and smothered pork chops. This will be for dinner and lunch for the next few days. If the fiancé doesn't like it, he can buy dinner.

9 Responses to “End of October Spending ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Dining out adds up doesn't it? Is your eye care insurance? Or contacts?

  2. Amber Says:

    Yes it does CCF. Eye care is the contacts, I've added more days in that I wear my glasses to help reduce the cost.

  3. Out of the Dark Says:

    Nice report. A couple things, until you are debt free, eliminate any/all cable or satellite. Eliminate hair care and any dining out. Contact our internet company and reduce your bandwidth and any/all security features you are getting billed for that your laptop has as virus/malware protection.

    These are difficult life changes. They are not permanent, rather, they are temporary changes in fiscal behavior. Offer to supplement with a $9.00/month Netflix membership.

    Finally, unless you are tithing, I would eliminate charitable donations. Consider your CC debt as a charitable need and put the funds towards that. Again, temporary but necessary. A laser focus on eliminating (not reducing) unsecured debt is the goal. You will be amazed at how fast this can happen but the sacrifice is challenging at times. Best of luck!

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Don't be upset, be proactive. One thing that may help you on groceries is to take an inventory of every food item you have in the house. Having it all written down on paper so you can make recipes out of it is far better than opening the cupboards or freezer and staring. It also gives you a better notion of what you may need to buy to fill in and what you definitely don't and makes it simpler to build your menu plan around it.

    Of course you are free to use that $300 check however you wish, but have you considered that if you add that $300 to the $100 listed on your side bar from the wedding fund (which I would not be saving for while still in debt myself), you would only need $86.67 to have fully funded the baby EF and as soon as you do that you would be able to throw it all at debt? And if you hadn't eaten out this month you could have it fully funded at this point and if you don't eat out next month you are there? I just want you to be able to look at things through a different focus. I know how hard it can be at first, but you are making progress and it would be wonderful to see you make even more.

    Of course the psychological thrill of paying off one debt may be more necessary to you at this point and I totally get that. Just consider which is worth more to you right now. You may need that boost.

    I believe that you said in an earlier post that the hair care was for a wedding and would not be a reoccurring expense, so that will be eliminated next month. The money order fees won't be there next month, either. You are making progress and you know the saying, "Progress, not perfection."

  5. DW Says:

    I echo the majority above comments with minor exceptions ...
    1. I agree with LR , the wedding and the 52- week challenge to the emergency fund.
    2. Yes, payoff CC2 because you need a win now.
    3. No gifts to anyone and no eating out. If your fiancé wants to eat out, then he goes alone or he foots the total bill. I know Christmas is coming, so it time to be honest with the love ones or get real creative with the gift giving.
    4. Cable, if you can’t cancel, subtract the premium channels and pay half of the remaining balance. Your fiancé is enjoying premium channels at half the cost, it’s now time for him to pay for what he enjoys.
    5. Charitable giving, if to a church, it stays if to anything else, it should stop.
    Payoff debt is tough, but once you get some serious momentum , it will become easier to spot and correct problem spending.

  6. scottish girl Says:

    I agree with everyone.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Good ideas from all of you. Amber, I know you've mentioned struggling with the fiance' on finance in past posts. Maybe when you have that conversation, you agree to compromise. He can keep this if he gives up that. We have cable although we don't have premium channels like HBO, but since DH loves television so much, we rarely go to movies. It is our compromise. Of course things are different with us because we don't have debt, but even so, we still watch where we spend. Personally, I'd up the grocery budget a bit and eat out less. Use what you have, as some of indicated, plus plan when you make your meals. When I was working, I would spend Sunday afternoon making dishes that I could use later in the week. One whole chicken would provide three meals. One would be just the chicken with a starch and vegetable. Another meal would be using the broth (I cooked the whole chicken in a Crockpot on Saturday or overnight) and some chicken and make chicken and noodles. Then I would do chicken and rice or chicken and dressing. I spent around $6 for a whole chicken and used it for three meals and had broth to freeze for other things.

    As far as the gifts, as nice as it is you think of others, I have noticed a lot of gift giving in your posts. It's OK to explain you can't afford to give gifts. I had a friend admit that to me and we just send cards for Christmas and birthday. I didn't think any less other and actually respected her for being responsible. If you are at all talented you could make some gifts or bake something for someone if you absolutely feel you have to do something.

    I'm glad you are making progress. Keep it up.

  8. snafu Says:

    I hope fiancé will help you with your desire to get off the CC treadmill and resultant interest milestone on your neck. I support your every effort to meal plan and appreciate how difficult it can be to come home and make dinner. Easier to prep in advance, weekends or chopping extra mirepoix [onion, celery, garlic] for the next meal. Roasted/baked meat like chicken or pork chops extra, easily turn into jambalaya, paella, pilaf or spanish rice with the addition of cooked rice and a handful of spices.

    My family tells me they don't eat curry but I buy small packets of curry 'cubes' and add suggested items, call it 'Granny's stew' over rice or Pita bread and they think it's specially made preference! You can make a different shaped pasta every week changing. out red and white sauce. One or two meatless meals are healthy, there is fun in the challenge of different versions of Chili. Stew allows you to empty the fridge, anything lookng droopy!

    Try www.allrecepies.com using the 'search' bar to use some product in your cupboard or fridge.

  9. ceejay74 Says:

    It can be hard to cut out spending that you're used to; some of it is unconscious and some of it just feels really important. Rather than cut everything out at once, which can make you feel like you're on a starvation diet, see if you can cut back all the nonessential categories and compare next pay period with this one to see if you've improved.

    I do agree that grocery isn't one you should be cutting. Together you spent about $200 on food between grocery and eating out. See if you can get that to $150 combined, with more of it going toward groceries (since the money stretches so much farther than when buying from a restaurant).

    Good job on planning to get rid of that extra cable expense. High-speed internet is much more valuable though because you can use it for so much more than just watching TV.

    Keep it up!

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