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Cable is Off

November 29th, 2017 at 04:57 am

Cable is finally off and I'm happy.
For months the fiancé never pays his portion, he always waits until the bill gets really high, pays something, and not all. If it's cut off, I'd normally take a credit card and pay it, and wait for him to pay me back but not this time. The cable will be turned off at least twice a year. Nope nope nope, not going to happen, I have a goal.

I asked him a few weeks ago, just before the holiday if we should cut somethings out when it came to the cable. He said no, it wouldn't reduce the bill by much. I explain that we had only looked at the premium channels and not the HD channels to remove, he still said no and that he would give me the money. A new bill came, I told him and I paid my half. I reminded him that there was an outstanding balance, I can see he was annoyed but it's not my fault that your mom isn't paying you and you refuse to take a look at your finances or pick up a part time job.

So today, I'm in the bed reading a "Blessed Life," something I do every morning now, and I hear him drop the S word. He comes in and tells me that the cable is off, I say to him "oh well." I'm not paying it, so when ever he gives me the money I'll pay it. After that, if he wants the cable on, he has to put it in his name. I'll give him my share and what ever he does he does.

You see I can log into my mom's account and watch TV so it's no big deal to me. Besides I haven't been watching that much tv anyway, I've been listening to Dave Ramsey, night and day.

The funny thing is I tried to have a budget meeting with him Monday and last night and he said no.

He has rent, light, water and the plot bill due. If I don't get that money for the plot, I'm simply heading down there and removing his off my account. He pays but he's always late which means he never pays. He has the same careless attitude as his mom. She pays everything late, if at all.

Today he heads to court for past due child support. Back in June, and July the mother just stop paying him. First of all he has the kid, and I've told him time and time again to have this taken care of and he refuses. I've told him to take over the business from the mother and he refuses. I cannot wait to pay off the next two CCs so that I can move into a one bedroom.

12 Responses to “Cable is Off”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good for you!! You know what you want and how to get it. Smile

  2. AnotherReader Says:

    Stand up for what YOU want and what is best for YOU. He is making it clear he is unwilling to change. Stick with the plan and move out.

  3. Amber Says:

    Yes CCF I'm done, sometimes we enable others bad habits and I realize that's what I was doing

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, I think you are right with the enabling.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Way to go, Amber! Stay strong.

    You do realize if you marry this person, his bad credit rating will become yours as well. He sounds like he's sort of irresponsible.

  6. snafu Says:

    Should SO finally decide his relationship with you is important, I hope he will demonstrate 'goodwill' by catching up for old food bills, his share of past/older CC charges and his upcoming share of rent since December is a mere 24 hours away. Does he expect legal bills will be incurred for representation/advice on today's court child support hearing? Finally, he will need to come up with fees, penalty/late charges and balance needed for cable reinstatement. How will all those costs affect Christmas celebrations

  7. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    I don't know you but I am sure proud that you doing the right thing. Love makes us blind sometimes but it appears your eyes are wide open. Stay strong becuase you are doing great!!

  8. DW Says:

    Oh my goodness! AMBER I’m so proud of you , I can barely write this post.
    I am screaming inside with great joy! I love everything about this post.
    First let me say, I understand you love this man. But .. he is one irresponsible individual.
    1. If he wants cable , he get it in his name and he pays the WHOLE bill.
    2. He has been relying on you for his financial shortages.
    3. Get those two CCs paid off and get a 1br apt.
    4. As for you, I don’t even know you, I couldn’t pick you out in a crowd and I don’t even know if Amber is your real name but I’m extremely proud of you!
    5. Do not agree to help him financially any more.
    Remember the saying “give a man a fish , feed him a day.. teach me to fish and feed him a lifetime”. Well teach him how to fish the Dave Ramsey way.

  9. DW Says:

    One more thing, he purchased new Christmas decorations, yet he didn’t pay cable or try to pay back child support? 🤨

  10. Out of the Dark Says:

    DW - great comment(s). One thing, however, I believe SO has custody and is chasing baby mamma for past due support. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Amber - Slow and steady wins the race, but also imagine just how hard that tortoise's shell must have been! Keep it up!

  11. DW Says:

    Out of the dark, I miss interpret. Then it’s worse because Amber is now the backup for fiancé and his child.
    Amber take care of yourself.

  12. Amber Says:

    Thanks everyone, it's getting easier to say no. As far as the ex wife, he has had custody and has been paying her child support, why I don't know. When the mother was unable to pay him his wages he fell behind. He was instructed to show proof that the kid lived with his mom, the grandmother, by simply going to the school and pulling her school records with the address. He did that, put never sent the documents in, had he done so the child support would have stopped. Meanwhile the ex wife went in and changed the kid's address to hers.

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