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Annoyed with CC3 So I Knocked It Down!

December 24th, 2017 at 02:44 am

Checked the balance on CC3 and it was $729.16. The $29.16 annoyed me so I added this amount to the card 💳, new balance $700.

I'm hoping to get this card down to $600 before the new year, maybe even $500. My next two budget periods are very lean and I have a $300 buffer in my checking account. I know, but for me this gives me a peace of mind. I'm so afraid that if I don't keep a buffer I'm going to use the CCs 💳. I'm also afraid to cancel them. Once I hit the $3,000 mark in the EF and pay off a few more CCs 💳 I can say whew, close out the accounts and not keep the buffer.

The buffer is primarily because I live with the SO, and most of the time he doesn't have his share of the rent until the second or third, that drives me crazy because it's due on the first. I'll be the first to say, I'm no pro with money, but I've always been super good about paying my bills on time. I hate paying late, and any late fees associated with it.

One thing that I'm excited about is, this is the first time I ever created a sinking fund (saving for a want and need); and come January 3rd I'll be using the funds to purchase my season ticket, cash. Notice I said "my" and "ticket" meaning one ticket and with cash.

Normally, I'd purchase both mine and the SO tickets using a credit card, I'll tell him and he'll say, "I'll give it back to you." Months go by, no money and I've racked up the credit cards, I've done this three years in a row. I've shared and reminded him that his share is due by the 3rd. The thing about it is, if he has his share it will save me $30 . For six tickets it's $60 plus an additional $60 for the parking pass, total $120. If he buys his, the grand total then turns to $180, We would split this in half to $90. Either way I'm prepared. It's cheaper to buy the parking pass than paying upon arrival.

I can guarantee you, he won't have his money. I'll admit I'm a little nervous but this is a tough lesson he's going to have to learn. I cannot and will not keep footing the bill. I know him, when he learns that I only purchased the one ticket he'll say "wow" and think that I'm being selfish, not realizing that at the age of 45 soon to be 46, I'm teaching him a valuable lesson, as well as myself.

4 Responses to “Annoyed with CC3 So I Knocked It Down! ”

  1. Carol Says:

    I think it's smart to keep the buffer. ( but maybe I think that 'cuz I always do and did especially when things were tight.)

  2. creditcardfee Says:

    I do hope that as a courtesy you have told him your plan to only buy your ticket. Yes, we hope that he is waking up to how you are operating now, but if you say nothing of this he has no chance based on his past behavior and yours as well. Also, do you really want to go with him to games if the relationship is ending?

    Great job on the paydown of CC3. I assume you will close this one once paid off. Furniture cards are a very specific type of spending.

  3. Amber Says:

    Hello CCF,

    I've told him but I don't think he takes me seriously because I've said it in the past and always buy the ticket. The game, I'm okay with it. We aren't seprating due to abuse it's more of him not managing his money.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I think you are smart to have the buffer. And like you, when I was young and money was tight. I worked diligently to make sure everything was paid on time.

    Sorry that SO is so, well, pig headed that he doesn't see what is going on. I'm sure this is something that is very stressful for you, especially since you are working so hard on getting things paid off and having money to spare.

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