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Winning this Week

May 18th, 2018 at 01:49 pm

My morning started out busy. First, I competed some items that was needed for an event that I'm chairing. Then I had to run around from one bank to the next. I'd open a new account at one bank and the teller didn't have me to sign a document, so I had to go in a sign.

Then I went to my main branch to deposit my change I rolled ($18.50) so I added this to my EF. I really like seeing my EF grow. I know DR says a $1000 and then stop but for me I have to add something. My car is old, I drive extremely far for work, even the new job will be far and if my car ever gives out, I want to have at least 5k saved to be able to purchase a car cash, it gives me a peace of mind. I did say once I hit 3k though, I'll stop adding to it. 3k should be okay for a decent car.

I have a few items to scan for Fetch, iBotta and Receipt Hog. By next week I'll have another $20 to cash out on iBotta, I do have enough points on Receipt Hog for about $20 but I'm going to wait.
It's time consuming but hey it's cash back scanning these receipts.

This week I think I won with money by getting back on track with my budget, and paying a little extra on CC5. Plus I'm not driving too much this week as well. Oops I'm not going to the salon so the $45 budgeted will go to CC5 😊

3 Responses to “Winning this Week ”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Every bit helps!

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    I'm glad you are back on track ... I have missed hearing (seeing?) your updates!

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