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Memorial Day

May 28th, 2018 at 01:18 pm

Thank you to the men and women we lost, who served this great nation, for my freedom. Freedom is never free.

This Memorial Day, I did nothing. I just took this time to read about some interesting facts regarding the holiday while reflecting on what so many have gave.

I did manage to check somethings off my to do list, like balancing my checking and saving accounts, balancing one CC account and finishing up a report for an organization I belong to. I still have one more account to review but hey at least I'm on track.

I also tackled my May book. I have about 1.5 chapters to go and I'll be done for May. I'll be reading Suze Orman's Young, Fabulous and Broke for June. I've decided that I need to start budgeting $20 a month for books. I miss writing in them, taking notes and having the ability to refer back to them. I've been checking out books at my local library but I want to be able to refer back to my books. I did find a site called thrift books or something similar I can't remember, that sells books really inexpensive. Books over $10 have free shipping.

7 Responses to “Memorial Day ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You should look for a used book store in your area over buying new. I'd even check out Amazon.com or eBay for used. For example you can get the book you referenced by Suze Orman for $3.99 shipped free. I guess I'm not sure why you are adding yet another item line item to your budget each month when you have a lot of debt and no retirement savings. Sorry to be negative...just want you to succeed.

  2. Amber Says:

    No you're right CC, I generally budget $25 a week for fun, $100 a month so I was going to use $20 of that for the books. But I think I'll just reduce the fun money by $20 and keep getting the books from the library

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Again, only wishing you success Amber!

  4. AnotherReader Says:

    Right now that $20 would be better used to pay off CC5. Once you are debt-free, buying books can go in the post-debt budget.

    Is the house going to close this week? Do you have the amount you will receive from the sale firmed up? Have you decided where it will go?

  5. Amber Says:

    The house is scheduled to close the end of June. We had to postpone, my brother decided to take me back to court. Oops it's about $60k all will go towards debt

  6. AnotherReader Says:

    What is his argument this time? How many times can he do this before the judge shuts him off?

    That $60k will wipe out all the consumer debt. What is your plan for the remaining funds? You could wipe out one student loan. Or you could jump start your retirement savings. Down payment on a house? In your shoes, I would defer that and pay off the debt.

  7. nuclear energy Says:

    I enjoy reading about some interesting facts regarding this special holiday. It cannot be forgotten!

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