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Drama and Goals All in One

June 23rd, 2018 at 04:59 pm

So my SO comes home, he’s worried he can’t reach his daughter. He calls no answer. Calls his ex wife and she tells him, the daughter blocked him.

Well long story short, I told him years ago that he spoils these brats he has from his ex and they’re going to break his heart. I hate to say it but I was right.

He calls the other daughter who calls the one who blocked him on a 3-way call and she tells him she blocked him because he didn’t answer her call. Now mind you, he sent her a text on the day that she supposedly call to say he wanted to meet with her and the other kids. Why would he not answer?

He’s terrible about many things but when it comes to the kids from the ex wife he goes above and beyond, I really felt bad for him. She’s an ungrateful you know what. This guy, had paid his bills late, pulled strings for her to graduate, and more and you have the nerve to block him because he supposedly didn’t answer. Though she doesn’t and hasn’t asked me for anything, I did tell him she can’t get anything from me. And I mean that. I’m not upholding ungrateful behavior. She wants to be an adult, he needs to treat her like one.

I can’t tell him what he should and should not do about his kids but I know what I’m not doing. Whew can’t wait to move on.

In different news, my payment on CC5 finally posted, pay day is Friday but I won’t be able to pay it off until the first check in July. This sucks but hey, at least I know it will be gone and then on to CC6. 10 CCs, this is such a joke, never again.

I had to call Att&t again for the fourth time. They never gave me my credit for phone 📱 insurance, smh. I finally spoke with a rep who credited my account today and waited for me to log in to view the credit. The problem was that they had already charged my account today for the auto pay. Autopay saves me $5 but it’s never on the same day,so I think I’m going to stop it.

Earlier this year I was saving for a family vacation, then I realize I had too much debt to save for a vacation. At one point I took the money out and paid down a CC 💳. But I also never stop adding to the saving account.

There are three big ticket items I want. They are, a laptop, Apple 🍎 Watch and a Circut. All very expensive I know. But I figured with patience and $20 a pay check by the time Christmas roll around I can purchase these items with cash.

This little experiment has taught me to be patient and save for what I want. Though it’s been a long struggle the reward in the end will be well worth it. The old me would have put these items on a CC 💳. I know some of you may not agree but this works for me. It’s no new debt and still being able to enjoy somethings. The laptop 💻 is about $200 the series I watch is $150 and the Circut is about $200. I’ve already added a stipulation that I cannot but these items unless I meet my 2018 goal of paying off four credit cards 💳, one each quarter. I’ve pretty much met my goal already, two thus far and three in just a few more weeks. I’m sure when December rolls around I’ll be on CC8.

2 Responses to “Drama and Goals All in One”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    If you buy these items in cash and meet your CC payoff goals you deserve a reward, enjoy!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good plan to save for Christmas.

    I don't know if you shop thrift stores, but if you do, you might ask them if we would call you if a Cricut comes in. I saw one at one of the thrift stores here and it had the box, directions, and a bunch of accessories.

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