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Catching Up

December 27th, 2018 at 12:12 am

Revisited my budget planner. Noted all bills due on the monthly for January. I’m excited not sure why but I am.

I spent my evening balancing my accounts on MSMoney. I notice the month that I stop tracking was the months I fell off my budget. I’ve set aside Sunday afternoon as my day to enter receipts, update accounts, and plan. I’ve set the alarm to go off that way I have no excuse not to view my spending.

I also noticed that I had deposited and extra $177 to my HOA fund. For some reason I didn’t notice that my direct deposit had went through nor the fact that I transferred the money twice. Smh. Needless to say, I transferred it back and used the money, $141 to pay my light bill. I don’t know why that bill is always so high.

Other news I sold a dress on Poshmark, made $7.55 . This was added to the EF because I had already had the account set up. But I’m changing the deposit to the checking account so that any items sold I can add to the CC debt.

I started Rachel Cruze’s “Love your life not theirs” book, looks like I’ll be done by the weekend it’s a pretty quick read.

Hope everyone had a great holiday

4 Responses to “Catching Up”

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  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Maybe you are excited because for the first time, you feel in control of your money. You are directing it where to go rather than just getting out the plastic. I am starting to feel that way also. Congratulations.

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