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March Budget

March 23rd, 2019 at 10:43 pm

Took a look at my budget and so far I am pretty much on the verge of breaking even for the month of March. I have a new line item to add, hurricane season🌪. Hurricane season is approaching and I want to be ready, it’s always a nightmare in the stores if a storm is named and heading our way.

The SO and I will be sitting down tonight to create his budget. Yes, he’s decided to work on one. He wants this relationship to work and he knows that finances are a huge issue for me. I’ve shared, don’t do it for me but because you want to.

Apparently his mother called yesterday and told him she’s short $600 for payroll. Smh, she is unbelievable. For reason he still hasn’t gotten to the point where he will take the business over fully. I guess the same reason why I haven’t thrown him out. I simply mind my own business and continue to live like roommates splitting the cost of everything. Basically when he pays me, I use that money to knock down CC9. I tend to pay my bills as if he’s not paying anything. This year so far, he hasn’t been late 🤞🏾.

Next week we have a wedding to attend, I would love to buy an outfit but I’m scrounging around in my closet to see what I have. I think the money I have in my fun/splurge account I’m going to throw it at the CC.

Another one of my items sold on Poshmark, that’s $10 this week, you know where that’s going, CC9 💳

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you can find something in your closet to wear to the wedding. Sometimes looking at fashion sites can give you an idea on how to repurpose something you have for a new look.

    Hope the budget meeting goes well. It sounds like SO has really tried. Just don't let him bull doze you and give in when he falters.

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