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October 1st, 2019 at 08:15 pm

Thank God the blogs are back up, I was seriously having withdrawals, miss you guys.

Here is what is happening with me.

I hate when this site is down. For a few days I could not log in. Anyone know of another site that we can join and transition to?

Anyway, I finally got a response from my attorney. Praise God I did not go with my last attorney I had.

Anyway, she received the documents from the bank that debunks my brother’s claims of me falsifying documents and put his attorney on notice if they decide to continue with this frivolous lawsuit. She informed him that if they continued she’d put him (his attorney) on the hook for my legal fees, in so many words to my understanding she’ll go after him. Now we sit and wait for their response, if they’re going to dismiss or not. Knowing my brother he is not going to let this go.

Keep praying for me.

Other news, I ‪read an article that an organization in that I applied for is having financial issues, they’re filling for bankruptcy. I cried after interviewing last year twice and not getting that job, but God had something better. I’m so thankful I did not get that job, there’s people who haven’t received their checks for about two weeks. ‬

‪I got a surprise in the mail today, $8 settlement check, added to the EF. ‬

‪I paid an extra $100 on CC10. Lastly, I lined dried two loads of clothes. I have to get a retractable clothes line so that I can start drying my sheets and towels. ‬

‪Sunday, was quite productive. I mopped the entire house, cleaned my patio, line dried two load of laundry 🧺 , walked 12k steps. ‬

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That's really good news from the lawyer. I hope it's a done deal for you soon.

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