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Saturday Rambling

October 12th, 2019 at 06:37 pm

Well Friday I sold an item on Poshmark for $7, my earnings was $4.

Checked my cash envelopes and I still have about $221 (total envelopes) left. I’m so proud of myself for not only staying with in my budget but coming well under.

Friday is pay day and I should be able to allocate additional funds to the CC. This is in addition to the extra $100 I have budgeted.

I returned the cable boxes to At&t and was told to hold on to the receipt for a year because they’ll say, “they never received it.” I was so shocked when the rep told me that. I couldn’t believe it but glad she did. Now I’m waiting for the $500+ credit. Smh. They never sent me the shipping label, only to find out I could have taken the items into a UPS store, smh. I called them 3x before they billed me $500+. Now that I think of it, I’ll scan the proof of shipping and email to myself so that I always have it.

I looked at my spending for the year and $806 was paid in interest on a credit card, all I kept saying was, you know what you could do with that money, pay this card off ASAP

Lastly, I’m heading to a local grocery store to get my flu shot, they also provide $10 grocery gift cards

2 Responses to “Saturday Rambling ”

  1. Debora Acevedo Says:

    You are on fire! Love your dedication.

  2. GratefulSaver Says:

    Good job!

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