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Apple Watch ⌚️

November 25th, 2019 at 01:52 pm

Patience and hard work really pays off. I have been wanting an Apple Watch for quite some time, however not willing to pay the $400+ for one. Plus I wasn’t willing to finance One through my cell phone carrier, or put on a credit card.

My employer has a wellness program, in that I can participate in wellness activities, earning points that equate to dollars that then turns into gift cards. I earned enough points to purchase a brand new Apple Watch. Target now has the series 3 on sale for $169.99, I was able to get my watch, that I’ve been wanting for quite some time, using gift cards while staying healthy.

Next I’ll be cashing out my points for an Apple ear pods.

Merry Christmas 🎄 to myself and I didn’t spend a dime, only needed to love a healthier lifestyle.

11 Responses to “Apple Watch ⌚️ ”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    I cannot agree with your choice here. An Apple watch is a want, not a need, and a pretty frivolous one at that. Those gift cards could have been used to buy necessities, such as food and cleaning products, both of which are sold at Target. The money saved could have gone to pay down your debt.

    It seems like you have lost focus as you have stabilized your situation. You still have an enormous amount of debt plus you are way behind on retirement savings. In your shoes, I would rethink this purchase.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    For some people these devices help them stay on track or monitor their activity if they keep up with it. It was something you wanted and sounds like you got a good deal so Good for you.
    I, myself, do not like that employers want people to have (x) device to participate in these wellness programs.

    Does your employer have you link up so they have your data?
    or is it simply for your tracking that you can say i walk x amount of steps etc?

  3. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Amber, I do not agree with AR. You are working a plan that has you on a very long get out of debt journey, and to never do anything for yourself for all that time is not reasonable. Yes, it is important to get out of debt and save for the future, but you can’t miss out on all of life along the way.

    I think this purchase shows that you have learned that you don’t have to buy something the minute you want it. You found a way to earn extra cash, put in the effort, found a great price, and got something you really want. Yes it is a want, but for those of us with no one ‘special’ to give us gifts, we have to love ourselves and show ourselves that.

    I think you should be proud of yourself!

    Merry Christmas😀

  4. Butterscotch Says:

    Awesome! There is nothing more important than your health, and if the Apple Watch helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle via its exercise and health tracking elements, cheers to you!

  5. crazyliblady Says:

    That's sounds like an awesome present to yourself and a nice reward for all that hard work. And you did it without spending out of pocket. Don't worry about the haters. You have not lost focus.

  6. Sue Says:

    I agree with "Lots of Ideas". It's a win-win for you Amber!

  7. joanne Says:

    I also think that the watch is a good idea. I think that you have made some positive changes in your life , that is not always easy to do. And I also think that you have a plan for your debt. Keep going...And be proud of all your positiveness. Change can be hard, but you have done it in my opinion, for what it is worth..

  8. Lucky Robin Says:

    Lighten up, AR. Amber has killed it the last two years with debt payoff. Since this money is not coming out of her budget and this item will help her with her health goals, I think it is not nearly the issue you are making it out to be. It would be one thing if she was throwing all caution to the wind, but she's not. Sometimes along a really long debt journey, we need a bit of a reward. As long as that reward does not come at the end of a credit card or irresponsible spending, a rare once in a while is needed to keep your head down and keep going.

    Amber--Enjoy your toy and keep on keeping on.

  9. Amber Says:

    Thanks everyone for your support, this journey has definitely been tough.

    AR though I could have chosen to use the gift cards for cleaning items, groceries etc, I decided to treat myself to something nice. Just under two years, I’ve paid down a substantial amount of debt, and saved.
    You’re correct, the watch is a want, it’s not a need, per se. for me, I realized while on this journey it’s okay for me to treat myself once in awhile so that I stay focus. Money spent, was earned by simply walking, and eating healthy. What I learned from this lesson is, patience, perseverance and other ways to make money, that’s fun, healthy and easy.

    When I started this journey to financial peace, I created a sinking fund, for vacation and fun. It was to be used for those milestones met, (e.g credit card pay off), since I’ve been on this journey, that sinking fund has actually been used for debt reduction, never for fun after accomplishing a milestone. At the time those milestones were met, I always told myself, I could earn points, that translates to gift cards for fun.

    Though at my age, I’m nowhere near, where I should be financially, I am much more better off than I was a few years ago, and making progress. So with that, I’ll continue to save, pay down my debt, blog and share my experiences, seek SA bloggers advice and buy myself something once in a blue moon. 😉

  10. rob62521 Says:

    I'm happy for you about the watch. It helped you stay on track for the healthy lifestyle and you earned it without spending money.

  11. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Great job Amber. Enjoy your new watch!

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