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Dryer and Electrical Issues

December 10th, 2019 at 11:41 pm

I’m so glad I followed my first mind.

I was having issues with the dryer. I called the repair guy because the SO never picked up the free one for me. Well I found out it’s not the dryer but the socket, there’s an electrical issue.

Cost to have the appliance repair guy out, $65 but at least I found out it was electrical and avoided a potential fire 🔥. I’m on the fence with this though, because the dryer isn’t getting hot. I’ll see what the electrician says, I’m nervous

The repair guy’s exact words to me as he showed me the plug 🔌 on the dryer was, “ I’m glad you had this unplugged, you could have had a serious issue.” The plug was burned and so hot he couldn’t even touch it.

I have an electrician, I’ll see if he can come out Friday, since I’m off. I’m also thankful, that I had the sinking fund for household repairs, though this is an inconvenience, I’m not frantic over how I’m going to pay for it.

Talk about scary.

Financial news, I’ve been so stressed at work that I’ve been dining out. Well I decided enough, buying breakfast is costly. Not sure why I allow these things to get to me, work that is.

I sold an item on Poshmark, making $7.05, can’t wait for this to hit my account.

I spent the afternoon getting my planner ready for 2020. The goal is to pay off CC10 by the first quarter of the year. Once that’s done, I’ll be tackling the student loans.

For me it’s peace of mind but I know most of you won’t agree but once CC10 is gone, the goal is the following
* $100 monthly to EF
* $100 monthly to IRA
* $100 extra monthly to mortgage
* $500 extra to student loan

After calculating everything, savings, expenses, I could actually add an extra $1000 a month to the student loans once the CC is gone. I’m feeling excited for 2020, we will see.

7 Responses to “Dryer and Electrical Issues”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I would love to know more about your planner and how you use it!

  2. Amber Says:

    Hi Petunia

    I use a Blue Sky Parent Planner, I love the daily section. The monthly sections, I re-numbered, so that the week starts on Sunday vs. Mondays.

    For my monthly section, I use planner stickers. I added my bills that are due, I also note, important dates, e.g birthdays. The monthly also include, my monthly saving goals, the book that I’m reading for the month, sometimes I’ll add a motivational quote. I have a stickers that track my no spend days as well. The month section is more of what’s happening at a glance with finances.

    My daily section, I’ve divided into sections. There’s a section for appointments, my to do, daily goals and scripture for the day.
    My daily goals are pretty much the same, water intake, cardio, professional journal reading, Bible verse of the day, read my monthly book.

    Planning, really helps me to stay on track, professionally, personally and financially.

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    May I ask where you buy your planner stickers? Etsy perhaps? Do you watch any YouTube planner channels? Thanks!

  4. Amber Says:

    I always buy from Michaels or Joanne, when they’re on sale and I can use a coupon.
    I don’t watch YouTube channels, but I do participate in a ton of planner groups on Facebook

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like you were very lucky with the dryer! I hope the underlying cause is determined soon. If the dryer is still having issues, I'm sure you can count on yourself to find a new or used one to replace it, rather than rely on SO, who has his own issues to deal with.

  6. Smallsteps Says:

    sounds like you have a good plan.
    I know some people will like to tell you how to allocate your funds but in the end it is your plan.
    I too, try to make headway on many fronts some to IRA / some to prepay mortgage/some to savings goals. I never could stick with the one thing at a time plan.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Boy, that dryer problem sounds awful. Glad you didn't have a big fire. Hopefully your electrician can fix it and get you back to where you should be.

    A few years ago my dryer quit drying and interesting enough, it was because the dryer hook up to the vent wasn't right in the crawl space. Got that fixed and the dryer worked fine. Hope your issue as as easy as that.

    Good job on the planner. You've done such wonderful work on getting your debt down.

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