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Wear the Mask!

July 6th, 2020 at 06:56 am

Listen for those of you who think that your rights are being violated when asked to wear a mask, please put your selfishness aside.

This mask wearing topic has become political, and it is a health care issue.

My friend’s mom is fighting for her life right now. She decided against his wishes to have a party. That’s right a house party. People showed up, there was no social distancing and no mask wearing. Guess what, she is now in ICU fighting for her life. I received a 2:45 am call that things have turned for the worst. The family can’t even visit her.

Please keep this family in your prayer.

9 Responses to “Wear the Mask! ”

  1. Carol Says:

    Oh, Amber, I will say a prayer. But I want to echo your cry of "Please wear a mask!"

  2. Wink Says:

    Sending prayers! Please, Wear a mask, and help save lives.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I am so sorry, Amber, and you are so right! People are being so selfish in this crisis; it is very disheartening and disappointing. WEAR THE MASK! It is the one thing that helps to curb infection.

  4. Lots of Ideas Says:

    I agree with wearing a mask, but it is really much more than that.

    Don’t have indoor parties. Don’t go out in crowds. Don’t touch people outside your household.
    Don’t go to bars.

    I feel so sad for the healthcare workers who at this point must feel that they are risking their lives for people who don’t care about them at all.

    We are in for months if not years of this. People need to start o adjust to a new normal.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Praying for her, Amber, And you're so right, WEAR YOUR MASK.

  6. mumof2 Says:

    Praying for her but in all honesty if i said no party and people showed up I would tell them to does the family feel now...its sad!!

    My friends son was just diagnosed with covid over there not in hospital yet but he is real sick...her nephew just got out of the hospital from the virus...stay safe!!


  7. Lucky Robin Says:

    It is sad. I would be miserable if I had to die alone due to a foolish choice and deny my family the closure of saying good-bye in person. I've been wearing a mask since before it was required, just when people started getting sick here in February, especially because I was so sick in February.

  8. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I hope that she is okay. Praying for everything. Same with me. We barely went out since Feb. I was the only one for 3 months and I wore a mask and gloves and changed immediately. I only shopped once a month. Even now I really don't shop much and I am still using pickup groceries.

  9. Fern Says:

    So sorry to hear of such stupidity. Ignorant people are mistaking reckless behavior for personal liberty.

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