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Stimulus Check

March 17th, 2021 at 07:23 am

Hi all!


its been a while, hope all is well. I have a question regarding the stimulus check.  

I help support my mom, so I file her on my taxes as a dependent. She gets social security benefits, retired, Will she get a stimulus check? 

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  1. Jillybean Says:

    Hi, miss your posts! as I understand it, you will receive a stimulus check for your mom. (As she is your dependent, it is meant to help you support your dependents). So, you should receive $2800. $1400 for yourself and $1400 for her. (Assuming she filed her taxes same way and you meet income rules, etc.). You can choose to share some or all of "hers" with her, but it's your call.

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    Hi Amber! 😀

  3. terri77 Says:

    Welcome back, Amber! I believe Jillybean is right, you should get a stimulus payment for yourself as well as your dependent. They have made a lot of very generous changes with this stimulus.

  4. terri77 Says:

  5. Cassie66 Says:

    I got a stimulus payment for my mom as she is also my dependent.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Miss you, Amber!

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