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May 25th, 2022 at 09:32 am

Well I received an email that my settlement check after legal fees is $9800. First thing I’m doing is paying my tithes, one extra mortgage and HOA. Then socking a little to my EF account. 


Now I’ll start pricing out my kitchen cabinets. I’m estimating about $1500 total. Appliances are on the high end, I’m not sure if I’ll get used or not. I also have to replace all the valves in my home because they won’t shut off from the inside.  I’m hoping I come in under 5k for everything. We will see. 


I’m glad to be getting this check but upset that everything in the house is falling apart, well seems like it anyway. 


I applied for a few positions, reached out to a friend who is a recruiter and shared that  I’m looking for work, and I also reached out to the guy who got me the NY gig, and asked that he keeps me on his radar for any upcoming projects. Hopefully something pans out. 


I’m enjoying this little respite though. I feel like I need a break coming from Europe (jet lag), and dealing with all the home repairs that greeted me upon my return. Yesterday I spent the day at the pool, it was just me and I loved every minute of it. Our community pool can be busy so I'm thankful for the days when it's only me. 

7 Responses to “Settlement ”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    Amber, redoing your kitchen will increase the value of your hoyse, and replacing the valves is insurance against a future problem.

    Does it make you feel better to see these as investments and insurance?

  2. Amber Says:

    @Lots of Ideas I'll be honest I would have preferred that this money went towards my student loans. This was what I was planning on using to have paid off the loans by June. I know I have to get these valves done because they won't shut off and the cabinets are hanging on by a thread. I just can't help but feel like these loans will be around forever.
    You are right though, in the long and short run it makes sense to get the repairs done

  3. AnotherReader Says:


    What kind of income do you have coming in right now? In your shoes, I might knock out that smallest student loan if I had a reliable income.

  4. Amber Says:

    @Another Reader I have about $1000 a month coming in now, this covers only basic bills and food. While on vacation I got word that my biggest contract (8k) was ending. The plan was to start looking for new contracts, I just didn't expect this one to end so soon

  5. Amber Says:

    Hi DW,
    You are correct the settlement money wasn't included. I was going to use it to pay off the loan but the kitchen fell apart. I had to replace the water heater, faucet and refrigerator and now all the valves because the water won't turn off. The cabinets have finally fell off the hinges. So I'm using this money to replace those items in the kitchen plus whatever labor. If anything is left over I'll throw it at the loan

  6. AnotherReader Says:


    The economy has changed. Everyone is more cautious, including businesses offering contracts. I might do the valves as a safety issue. However, I would not do other work until I had gotten contracts that covered my expenses and more. In your shoes, I would wait until I had reliable income and more savings to do anything that is not an emergency.

    Once you get a new contract, then I would pay off the smallest student loan.

    Fingers crossed you get a new contract or multiple contracts soon!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    I think replacing the valves is a good plan, but I wonder if it might be more prudent to wait on the cabinets. Right now with the way things are going, I'd be afraid to start a big remodel because I speak from experience, once you start one thing, you find a bunch of other things to do, whether they are a have to, or a want to. Plus, you are hoping for new contracts.

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