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Holiday Weekend

May 30th, 2022 at 08:58 pm

I’m so glad that I live in an area where people come to vacation. This weekend was fabulous. I pretty did a staycation right at my home. 


Friday kicked off the weekend with Bible study, Saturday and Sunday were both pool days, self-facial and manicure and today I just relaxed. Time usually goes by quickly but having the opportunity to do absolutely nothing it actually dragged. Lol. 


I also got my itinerary ready for my upcoming trip. After my last trip I learned to plan my days. Day one, they’ll be 2-3 places I’ll visit, I’ve already reached out to a driver for quotes. Day 2, I’m booking a full day tour, waiting to hear from the rest of the travelers. If I don’t hear back by Wednesday, I’m booking my tour, can’t sit around and wait on folks.  Day 3 is a beach day, some window shopping and photoshoot. Day four we head home, so I’ll relax that day.  


I’ll have complimentary breakfast at the hotel. The full day tour includes pick up, ferry rides, and lunch. That’s $245. I think it’s worth it since I’ll be hitting a few islands and chances are I won’t be returning to this country in the near future. Since the family is going on this trip there’s no need to purchase souvenirs. I’ll just get a refrigerator magnet and a beach/pool bag for myself. I’m estimating $600 total and this include the photo and tour. 


This trip was planned and paid for prior to my return from Greece so there’s no backing out. Travel insurance doesn’t cover this type of cancellation. 


I was a little annoyed once I found out about my contract but now I’m excited about going and everything is paid for in cash. 

On a different note, I'm not sure what happened to my Memorial Day post, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend;however, let us not forget those who made the ultimatel sacrifice.

3 Responses to “Holiday Weekend ”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    Amber when I stay someplace with a breakfast buffet, I often grab a piece of fresh fruit and a small box of cereal for snacks later in the day. I like cereal like Cheerios and Chex dry as a munchy snack.

    I never eat a huge amount all at once, I spread my food out throughout the day, so I don’t feel like I am taking more than my β€˜share’ of the buffet.

    I’m glad you are planning out your days. You always learn from your experiences, and that is such a great trait to have!

  2. Amber Says:

    Great idea on having a snack for later.
    I'm.not big on much but I tend to eat breakfast, lunch usually ends up being my dinner.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    That is a brilliant idea, Lots of Ideas!

    Good idea to plan!

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