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New Furniture and Opportunities

July 17th, 2022 at 01:11 pm

Checking in, it’s been a wild week. 

Many of you know I’ve been saving to get new bedroom furniture, well every time I save the money, I threw it towards my student loans. 


Well this time, I just couldn’t do it anymore. The drawers were falling apart, the headboard wasn’t attached to the bed, so it kept moving, some of the drawer bottom pieces were collapsing. 


This set was given to me almost 13 years ago and the owner had it for about five years then, so it served its purpose. 


One furniture store had its Black Friday sale so I took this opportunity to purchase a night stand and dresser, cost, about $1000. I tried Facebook market place but people were not responding, and I also tried a few thrift stores, with no luck. 


One thing  I’ve learned while shopping for furniture, the drawers aren’t as deep any more, and there is a fee to deliver and a fee to bring your furniture into your home. That’s right, you’ll pay to have your furniture brought into your home. Ridiculous! Of course I didn’t t pay this, I figured the SO and I could move it in, but when the delivery guys came, I gave them water, we chatted a bit (they were from where my parents are from), and they brought it in, and I tipped them which I was planning on doing anyway. Insane to deliver furniture to leave on someone’s front lawn. 


Next, I have great news, I’ve gotten third round interviews for two companies. One is at a skilled facility as HR Director, a position I’ve wanted since graduating college. The other is a full time consultancy position with benefits, working remotely. Though for years I’ve wanted to work in a geriatric facility, and I’m excited about this opportunity, I’m more excited about the remote work. It’s more aligned with what I want to do now and that’s HR system (HRIS/HCM). Plus the company pays 100% medical, dental and visions, there’s a 401(k) match, $400 month stipend, they pay my internet and gym membership, and other miscellaneous benefits. Total reward package is about $95k. In addition, this role would allow me to keep my clients and do additional project work. 


Also, I am meeting with a potential client that will bring in $1k a month, it’s a catering company that need a few things done, and they’re looking at a  long term business relationship. 


I am still writing articles, last week I made another $100 in gift cards. i also competed a User Review for $25. 

Outside of that, not much has happened. Fingers crossed I get the remote position, my COBRA ends next month and it would be perfect. 

5 Responses to “New Furniture and Opportunities ”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Congrats on the new furniture!

    What kind of articles are you writing? Are they about HR?

  2. Amber Says:

    @CB, thanks and yes the articles are HR related, topics include benefit administration, DEI, employee relations etc

  3. Jaycee Says:

    So nice you were able to buy some new furniture. Enjoy, you deserve it. You are such a hard worker. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    Congrats on the new furniture. I know that you had wanted to do this earlier and kept putting it off. Enjoy your new furniture, because you worked hard for it. Big Grin

  5. rob62521 Says:

    That's terrific about the new furniture. Sounds like you really needed some new stuff too.

    I didn't know about having to pay extra to bring it into your house. That is just crazy, but then again our world is just crazy anymore.

    Good luck on the next round of interviews!

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