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$200 Spent, Not Expected

October 6th, 2023 at 04:39 pm

Checked my student loan balance and today it’s $31,381.61, of that interest is $23.61, on average the daily interest is about $5.90 a day. By Friday next week, the interest accumulated would be about $76.70, smh. I’m thankful that I can make payments, about $600 a month, but I tell you this sucks. Goal is to have this loan paid off by the end of next year. 


Changing gears, this was supposed to be a no spend month and it’s costing me. 


A while back I asked a friend to install a screen door, well the friend finally showed up. I’m thinking no more than a hundred bucks, well the friend initially quoted me $130, not bad. This friend had to leave and come back because something was needed, my new cost $200. That’s right $200. This was not a necessity but a want. I’d asked about it months ago and since the friend showed up I said okay. WTH. It’s my fault for not asking upfront the cost. I’ve learned some very hard lessons this month. One ask up front the cost before any work is done, even if it is a friend. 


I didn’t count yesterday as spend day wind today I’ll be paying for the screen. 


Edited to add that the screen looks good. 

2 Responses to “$200 Spent, Not Expected ”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    The work you did to pay off your loan balance knocked ten cents per day off your interest!

    I think tracking that is a great to see progress.

    Every month more of your payment will chip away at the balance.

    I hope people who are just starting down the payoff path are looking at the numbers like you are now and realizing the impact of making extra payments.

  2. Amber Says:

    Interest is 6.875%

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