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March 29th, 2006 at 02:27 pm

Just got my pay stub (we won’t get paid until Friday) but I have an extra $62.00 to play with I estimated incorrectly (The boss actually gave me a few extra hours) any way it works out here is my calculation for the 1st check of the month (April)

-188.00 car insurance
-30.00 cable
-25.00 Home phone
-53.00 c-phone
-30.00 c-phone #2
-140.00 Electricity
-75.00 EF
-67.00 Misc EF
-15.00 $20.00 Challenge/new home acct
-20.00 Me
-5.00 Misc Car account (for any repairs)
-15.00 IRA
-10.00 New furniture account
Leaving me with $208.00 to spare for 2 weeks
Oops I left out the $30.00 I had left from my previous check I thought it was going to be $40.00 but I spent some money since yesterday and will probably spend a few bucks between today and Thursday so we’ll see
Since my last post I did add @ $6.00 to my $20.00 challenge bring my total to a about $206.00

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