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End of the Month

June 29th, 2006 at 11:48 am

I am so glad the month has ended. Bills are paid and I was able to send off another extra $125.00 on CC 2 Smile
I also added about 16.00 to the challenge today bringing my new total to $220.80(I met my $100.00 goal this month . Taking a look back I was able to cut down on eating out, that is always good news.
As I look back I did pretty good this month, 3 cc's paid off and 1 student loan

Student Loan: $280.07 (paid in full)
Groceries: $162.79
Gifts : $67.08
gas: $50.01 Smile
HUrricane Supplies: $41.39
Home bills (cable, Cell, etc) $509.84
Tithes: $60.00
Dining out $91.80
Healthcare: $21.65
Personel: $69.26
So all and all I did pretty good

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