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Bush in FL...what a headache

October 24th, 2006 at 01:54 pm

That d** Bush was here in FL today turning my day into a living H** after I left class today, what usually takes me less than 5 minutes to get on the highway; it took about 20 minutes and I was still unable to get on so I make a u-turn. Driving along an alternate route the police are maneuvering traffic so now I am in another traffic jam. What should have taken me 20 minutes took 1.5 hour. Now I do not mind if he comes or goes I do not care but what bothers me is the production. If they were to put him in as small care with secret service and not make this big production with 10 different cars 10 different police and 10 different agencies I am sure things would be much better..Sorry I just had to vent

3 Responses to “Bush in FL...what a headache”

  1. Sunshine Suz Says:

    And I'm thinking that the "D" in front of Bush isn't standing for "Dear"!!!

    I'm in Texas and he and his Daddy like to tie up our traffic too.

    I feel for you!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    My parents still complain about the time they went to see the site where Flight 93 went down and couldn't see it because the president was going to be visiting it the next day! Not even the same day. Crazy.

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Nothing like a traffic tie up to put a crimp in your day! You should see the East side of Manhattan when a bunch of big wigs come in!EEK!

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