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Tip of the Day

February 25th, 2007 at 08:38 am

This was in my inbox from the Dollar Stretcher and decided to share:

She Saves $90 per Month

I found an easy way to squeeze out $90 or more per month to
deposit in the savings account by totaling the following:

(1) Reward card savings - I total all the sale price and card
"savings" listed on receipts and earmark that amount for
savings. This can total around $50 per month. (After all, I
would have spent it anyway.)

(2) Spare change - My bank has a "Keep the Change" program
that rounds up each debit card purchase to the nearest dollar,
and deposits the difference into my savings. This can total
around $15 per month. I also roll my coins as they're
received, and this totals around $12 per month.

(3) Luxury tax - Any time I buy something not strictly
necessary, I tax myself 10% of the purchase price.
Unfortunately, this totals around $15 per month now, but at
least, it keeps me honest

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