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Time to change MD

August 28th, 2007 at 12:51 pm

That’s it; it is time for a new doctor. As every one knows I go in to see the MD every three months because of my abnormal paps. Any how I had a biopsy the other day and the results were in , well the nurse who is very rude called to tell me I needed to make an appoint so I said to her if I am simply making an appointment to come in to be old to make another appointment in three months I can not afford that (that is what happened last time and I was charged $30) Well that was last week, well the doctor called to tell me it is their policy to have the patient to come in , as I was about to say ok let me schedule she then said and besides your insurance doesn’t pay that much anyway. Well I was PO’d, it wasn’t my idea that she sign up an accept BCBS fee schedule. So I am immediately terminating my relationship with that office

8 Responses to “Time to change MD”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    I know it is upsetting to have to pay a co-pay just the get test results or something like that. I have the same problem with my primary care doc who requires me to come in to go over my physical bloodwork results. But aside from that, i'm not sure i understand why you want to terminate your relationship with that doctor.

    What the doctor said about your insurance company not paying much may well be true. I'm not sure why she felt the need to say that to you, but different insurers pay doctors different rates. It has nothing to do with the care they're giving you, and it's also beyond their control, other than to stop accepting patients with insurers who don't pay much. (Some doctors do that.)

  2. veronak Says:

    Well I have had nothing but problems with the office this last year, her husband who does the billing holds on to my checks for about 2 months now I use a debit card. Her MA is very rude and I feel like since my few dollars she can do with out then so be it. To me it is obvious that she makes much more on patients who insurance pays more and my few dollars isn't worth it. And since my insurance doesn't pay much then the policy is that I should come in (a way for her to make money) I have never had a problem with her only this staff this is a first but I am not going to a doctor who speaks down me I do not consider her God like a lot of others do

    I am aware that some MDs want you to come, simply say that that but do not call me with an attitude

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Doctors provide a service, and there are lots of them. If you don't like their service, I say switch! I think it's very important to like and trust your doctor.

  4. katwoman Says:

    You are absolutely right to change doctors. You don't need her and trust me, she won't miss you. I take classes with others who are in the medical field and the stories they tell would make the hairs on the back of you neck rise! That and my own experience with doctors leaves much to be desired.

    If your gut tells you to cut her loose, do it!

  5. veronak Says:

    Thanks for the support, I needed that

  6. Nic Says:

    I work for a vet and in the past have had NO problem going to another vet for a second opinion. I believe I now know more about feline megacolon and how to treat it than my vet does.
    You owe it to yourself to comfortable and have confidence w/all of your medical care providers.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    i recently went to the doctor for the first time in about 8 years, he said to me that after i get my blood tests and an ultrasound (as you get them from another office not related to the doctors office) i should come in to go over the tests. the initial consultation cost $96 with $60 reimbursed from medicare, then the ultrasound and blood test were bulk billed (costing nothing) and then when i went into the doctors again to go over the tests i expected it to be again around $30 but they didnt charge me! i was stoked.
    but bummed for you! i think a change of doctors is in order!

  8. veronak Says:

    tha is great you weren't charged, foe me more than the money it wad the docs attitude

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