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Today was a good day

March 30th, 2008 at 04:46 pm

First I started my taxes and got the bulk of it completed, just need to add in the deduction for sales tax (I bought a new car last year so I will save on that), in addition to my IRA contributions and I am done. I went to the grocery store and bought snacks and made dinner that will last me at least two days including lunch. Then I headed to the library to get some studying done. I am stumped basically on one chapter...but will review tomorrow night. Next I took a nice long nap and my brother who I hardly see stopped by for a little while which was really nice.
As far as finances goes today is the end of the month for me because payday is Tuesday so I am uploading this month's spending
My hair expense is really up there, I will start back perming my own hair which will save me an extra $40
I normally would not have nonreimbursable job expenses but I bought several dress pants and tops for my summer intern
Expense Categories
Taxes : Federal Income Tax $303.87
Insurance : Automobile $291.00
Automobile : Maintenance $281.00
Personal Care : Hair $198.00
Taxes : Social Security Tax $190.57
Groceries $161.69
Automobile : Car Payment $141.69
Miscellaneous $131.63
Job Expense : Non-Reimbursed $114.13
Clothing - Unassigned $106.85
Automobile : Gasoline $100.02
Bills : Electricity $94.05
Healthcare : Dental $85.00
Bills : Cellular $74.69
Bills : Cable/Satellite Television $71.53
Bills : Online/Internet Service $61.25
Dining Out $59.27
Gifts $54.55
Clothing : Acessories $45.50
Taxes : Medicare Tax $44.58
Bills : Water & Sewer $43.94
Sales Tax $43.03
Bills : Telephone $40.01
Charitable Donations $40.00
Personal Care : Make-up $19.00
Healthcare : Prescriptions $15.00
Hobbies/Leisure : Entertaining $11.00
Leisure : Entertaining $10.00
Healthcare : Eyecare $8.99
Household : Laundry $7.00
Household : House Cleaning $6.38
Personal Care : Hair Supply $4.99
Leisure : Newspaper $3.00
Snack $1.80
Household : supplies $1.50
Total Expense Categories $2,866.51

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