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$42 dinner

November 20th, 2011 at 02:47 am

Yep, dinner came to $42. Thank goodness there were left overs. The BF and went to dinner last night, it was my turn to treat, the money came out of my fun account so I don't feel too bad but yet and still I feel like this was a waste, so $42 added to my challenge/emergency fund.

Even though, the money spent was monies set aside for things like this, I feel like I wasted $42. I think since I have started back blogging about my finances, well matter fact I know, I hate wasting money. Period!

2 Responses to “$42 dinner”

  1. EarlyRetirmentJoy Says:


    Really enjoying reading about your efforts to change the way you handle your finances. I'll add my "way to go" chorus to the other's here at SA.

    Regarding this blog, I think it's actually hugh progress that you did not feel you got adequate value for your expenditure. You have to have that "aha" realization before you can effect change, so good for you!

    Knowing men as I think I do, I doubt your BF cares where you eat as long as he's with you. A romantic dinner at home, even if it's takeout from a restaurant or take out joint of your choice, along with a bottle of your favorite beverage, would probably make him just as happy.

  2. Amber Says:

    You're right he doesn't care where we eat and next time I will take his suggestion if I'm paying. Lol. Thanks for reading

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