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Catch up, 52 Week Challenge

July 6th, 2014 at 02:49 pm

As you all know I was unemployed for quite some time, but I'm back to work and am extremely happy. I have vowed, not to take work home(e.g emails, voicemails), always smile no matter what, stay positive, and to do the best I can.

I think if I stick with this frame of thought, work will be fun, and I won't become anxious or consumed with things that only brings me anxiety.

I've decorated my workspace so that it is fun and positive. I hung some amazing qoutes, purchased a daily devotional/stay positive calendar, a pink lamp and scissors, and I made polka dot letter trays. I think, if my work environment appears to be fun, then work should be fun. In the past I never decorated my workspace because I always went in with the thought of, if I got fired. But for some reason, I feel at home in my new job, and I feel like I will be there for awhile, so why not make it my own.

Now for the 52 week challenge. Since I was out of work for awhile, I was unable to contribute to my challenges, so I'm trying hard to catch up. And to do this I started backwards with the 52 week challenge.
This week I'm on week 51 so I deposited $51 to my saving. I'm also going to work this thing starting from week 1. Therefore I added $2 since I'm on week two Wink

Total deposited for week 2/51: $53 Wink

YTD $106

Not too bad

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