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Book Number 2 is Done

February 28th, 2018 at 03:32 am

Well I finished my second book 📚 of the year by the skin of my teeth. Lol, didn't think I would so I buckled down the last two days.

As I listen to Dave Ramsey daily, all I hear from millionaires is that 1) most only have a bachelor, I have my masters; 2) all live below their means, I just started this and 3) they all read something like 20+ nonfiction books a year, I'm not even close on this one.

So 2 out of 3 isn't bad lol. I'm trying to get there and I think it can be done, so long as I have a vision with goals.

This month I read Michelle Singletary's "21 Day Financial Fast," most of her teachings are pretty much the same as Dave, except that she tells us to add money to the EF, even if it's $5 a month. I do this, it drives me nuts not to add something. I just cut other areas.

Next, I'll be reading "Stop Living Paycheck by Paycheck." The book had great reviews and I'm excited about it

2 Responses to “Book Number 2 is Done ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    All great goals, Amber! Years ago before I got on full time with the school district, I had a small little savings account that I basically put anything in I had. I had to open it to open a Christmas Club. If I found change, I would put it in a jar and when I got over $1, I would take it in and put it in this little savings account. It probably drove the tellers crazy because there were times I would put in less than $2, but I was already there putting in money for the Christmas Club. It took awhile, but I had over $1000 in it and it sure saved me when my first year of full time teaching, we went on strike. I had this "emergency fund" to pay stuff (this was the late 80s) to tide me over until we got back to work and got a paycheck. So your adding to your emergency fund anyway you can is a great idea. I've been saving $5 and sock them away and have been putting them in our home improvement account. Besides my monthly contribution (we are on pensions so when we get paid, I pay ourselves first) we add to this so when we need or want to do something to the house, we can pay cash. Yes, at this point in our lives, we could just take it out of regular savings, but we prefer not to and save up for things. We paid for our roof a couple of years ago and we have enough money for a new driveway.

  2. snafu Says:

    WhoooHooo, wonderful idea to read at least one non fiction book each month, easily available electronically at your library. They also likely have Money magazine and Kiplinger's quick read, easily replicated charts/plans to insert your own figures. Sorry, I can't offer specific titles [different country, different system] but the librarian can suggest popular titles for subjects likes Pros & Cons buying vs renting for example. If you plan to buy a home, there are a lot of decisions that reading helps.

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