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March 28th, 2011 at 05:56 pm

I absolutely hate going to the store with other people or letting anyone know I am at the store. First I'm with my boss at Target who convinced me to pick up things I did not need (I have a hard time saying no). Any how after I ditched her I put all the unnecessary items back. Then I call my BF who asked me to pick up something for him, when I ask what he says anything uggghhh. Lately he's been making little comments about him always buying me stuff and I don't ever buy him anything, well I'm in the world of debt which is no ones business. I'm simply not spending money. Long story short I spent $4 Frown so because $4 was spent foolishly I will add $2 to the EF and $2 to CC . I plan on informing him from here on out we will go dutch. I have no problem with him paying for his stuff and I do the same

Trying to keep up

March 28th, 2011 at 10:28 am

Trying to start over using the same method as before when I first paid off my debt. So I brought my lunch which saved me $4. I paid $2 towards my CC debt( a total of $4) and $2 towardsmy saving Wink all in all today is off to a great start.

What a day

August 12th, 2010 at 04:07 pm

First I realized there wasn't any eggs in the house so I bought breakfast ($1.07) then what was suppose to be lunch from my job, turned out be sucky so I had to buy lunch ($5.37). On a good note, I added $6.44 to my $20 challenge--matching what was spent on breakfast and lunch plus another $1 for going to the gym today.

I cashed in my change in my piggy bank, $67.87, this was added to my EF

All in all it wasn't too bad today

Today's tally

January 6th, 2010 at 04:47 pm

Ok woke up this morning and didnt want to spend a dime but it did not turn out that way so here it is:

Expense Categories

Loan Payment $100.00
Automobile : Gasoline $40.00
Gifts $26.64
Healthcare: Dental payment $10.00
Groceries $7.91
Dining Out $3.92

Total Expense $188.86

$10 weekly deposit to challenge
$100 transferred to EF
$3 paid on CC for dining out

So a total of $13 was added to my challenge Smile

Stipend received

April 11th, 2009 at 08:41 pm

Ok I receieved a check (partial) from the stipend that I am doing with a local organization in the amount of $500 Smile It was a nice surprise because I thought I would not receive this money until the end of the project. The rest is due to come at the end of the stipend.
Of course my mom checked the mail and the first thing she said was here is the check you've been watining on and me not thinkng opened the enevlope and said oh this is from P then her response was how much did you get. I ABOSLUTLEY HATE IT WHEN SHE ASK ME ABOUT MY ^&((&^$ FINANCES. So because I am caught off guard I say $500, her response oh you can take me to lunch tomorrow. When in Hell was the last time she has taken me out to lunch even on my birthday I paid for us to have dinner. She knows I am not working and every penny that I get I put in my EF to pay my bills. It just really ticks me off that she always has her hand out. I pray that I can finish school land a job and buy me a house to get out of here.
However, the check that I am expecting from another company still have not come Frown Sorry to vent but I was so upset


March 27th, 2009 at 05:19 pm

Well I received my tax return and of course my mom had her hand out. I usually give her $200 but since I am not working I gave her $150. I thought she would have said don't worry about it since I wasn't working but she took it anyway.... I should have known
So I wrote the check for my car, paid a $100 on the light bill, paid my internet bill, and cell phone bill all were paid early for the month of April. I'd rather have a credit than to be scrounging around next month trying to come up with the money. I also scheduled my May payment on CC number 2. Even though some of these funds won't be deducted until next month I went ahead and deducted them from my registrar.
I was also able to sock away $900 in to my savings account (this will cover two months car payments).
I should be getting my first unemployment check of about $600 so I'll pay May's car payment and put the remainder into my savings account
I forgot I got a gig next Tuesday answering the phone for $10 an hour for eight hours. This is the place in which I may intern. I went before to do some volunteer work and the HR woman really liked me but the woman she set me up with was so rude I never went back and she sense that. So when I contacted her for an internship she was really excited and then she ask me what hours I was looking for I told her I was wasn't working so any time before 5 since classes start in the summer at 4:45 anyhow she offered me this temporary gig. hmmm you never know I may get a job out of this and this place is a government agency


March 14th, 2009 at 02:53 pm

I know that it is my faith that keeps me going, yes I was/am down about not having a job but things could be much worst. Today God Blessed me with a $50 gift from my dad, last week it was $20 from my aunt and again today my uncle paid me the money he owed me. The entire $525, so I put this money in my EF in order to pay my car insurance for the next three months. Yes I am worried but at least I can pay my car note, car insurance and the small bills around the house
Thank goodness, God is on my side when all else fails


January 30th, 2009 at 11:39 am

In a time when people are losing their jobs I just got a .78 raise. Which is about $50 a pay period after taxes. I am so happy because I just paid my bills and thought hmmm I can't put a thing into my EF. Anyhow I added $49.38 to the EF
Yeah!!!!!!!! Things are really looking up this year


January 29th, 2009 at 09:37 pm

This is the amount I had left in my checking account before payday tomorrow; added this to my EF. I am impressed with my self because I managed to sock away $210 (misc savings, EF,home account and IRA) and not touch any of my savings accounts to get by Big Grin
End of the month total:
Total Income $1,776.42

Expense Categories
Automobile $199.17 (not including car payment of $381)
Bank Charges $64.67(interest on cc)
Bills $108.54(storage and internet)
Charitable Donations $20.00
Dining Out $41.67
Education $857.24
Fees $20.60 (charge for paying tuition online)
Gifts $17.25
Groceries $150.27
Health care $15.00
Hobbies/Leisure $30.75
Miscellaneous $40.95
Personal Care $36.63
Services/Memberships $47.91
Taxes $321.84
Utilities $115.92
Total Expense $2,088.41

Grand Total -$311.99

I am really happy because there are no transactions for clothes plus my dining out and miscellaneous categories are way down compared to the last few months. It's strange even though I saved money I still have an overall negative number hmmmm, I'll have to review this
So all in all this was a really great month. Tomorrow's payday unfortunately I can not add anything to my EF but at least all my bills coming due will be paid

Broke again

January 16th, 2009 at 05:50 pm

Today was payday and I'm broke again

I paid the following:
$130 EF
$10 Misc/gift fund
$10 Personal checking
$10 house fund
$25 IRA
Total Saved $185

Expense Categories
$183.37 Federal Income Tax
$98.74 Social Security Tax
$64.68 Cable/Satellite
$60.07 Online/Internet Service
$51.24 Water & Sewage
$23.09 Medicare Tax
$20.00 Charitable Donations
$1.00 Hobbies/Leisure : Lottery
$1.00 Miscellaneous
$47.91 Gym fees
$471.22 CC 2
Expense Total $1022.32
On a different not my sister called to say she has the $300 she owes me so I am picking it up in the morning in order to pay off cc 2


December 24th, 2008 at 07:10 pm

Darn it I had over drawn on my checking 1 account. I thought I paid the cable bill on a different account so $19.63 was transferred from my EF to cover today's transaction Frown But what is bothering me is that there is no fee being shown and I am sure they'll be charging me and I have no clue what the charge would be to transfer funds
Further more I got off work today at 3 and the gym closed at 4 so I was unable to make it today which annoyed me and they'll be closed tomorrow, so 2 days missed
What a way to end the week

No spend day

August 24th, 2008 at 08:02 am

I have had two no spends days (Saturday and Sunday) I have stayed in all weekend not even moving my car Smile
Today I did laundry so $3 will be added to my EF (goal is now to get to $2000) because I line dried 3 loads. In addition, my co-worker on Friday gave me a gift card for Sweet Tomatoes ($10) so I added this to my EF as well.
New total $1554.05
On a different note, I finally got my bridge in on Thursday which cost me another $450. I wasn't expecting this I thought when I paid the dentist $800 the last time that, that was it but I guess not. So $450 was deducted from my EF
So far this year I have spent $3270 on dental work and I have not even started the implant as of yet

Payday and how the money is spent

August 19th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

Yesterday was pay day so I paid the following:
$1512 on cc (this money came out of my challenge Frown much of it dental work)
$192.04 Electric
$20 Tithes
$100 on cc
$51.03 Water
$53.53 Directv
$25 IRA
$170 EF ($40 of this was from not paying a phone bill for the land line I no longer have)
$10 X-mas fund
$20 personal spending account
$40 Challenge
$20 Tuition fund
$20 Car fund
Not bad, I actually saved $260 out of my check and still have about $400 left after pain bills but it goes quickly. Oh I forgot I added the extra $10 saved on the satellite bill for referring my dad so I actually added $180 to EF saving a total of $270
Anyhow Tropical storm Fay just left Big Grin I am so glad that there was not much damage in our area. My sister lost power for a short while but it came back on. The winds were really picking up and it could have been worst but thank goodness it wasn’t.

lost and found

July 26th, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Well I have not been blogging much and for that reason have been spending a little more. Anyhow, I returned my Mac so $964 was credited back to my CC. My boss gave me $20 so I added that to my EF.
On a different note I received an email from ING about lost money sitting there waiting to be claimed. Now I check this a few years ago and found money for my BIL and a friend’s sister so I decided to check again for myself and guess what there was $58 available to me from an saving account that I had with Albertson’s when I worked there
Then I started checking out my family members, my uncle’s wife $651, my SIL, my brother and cousin all had unclaimed funds. Can you believe it
Here is the link for any one who wants to check…good luck
[url] http://www.unclaimed.org/ [/url]

Warning long post

July 20th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

First Friday was payday and I was able to sock away the following:
$25 IRA
$400 to EF ($20 was saved on the DirecTV bill for referring a friend)
$50 towards the challenge
On a different note, my mom is not speaking to me because I told my sister what her in-laws said. My mom who asked me not to say anything was very upset but I was compelled to let my sister know, besides anything I tell her she repeats. Anyhow she (my sister) moved into her apartment which I told her to get a two bedroom and she ended up with a 3 so that her loser son can move in, well her and my BIL are now separated and her son is no longer living with her. He cussed her so badly and threaten to kill her (I must say that this is the second time he has done this) He is such a loser; he won't work and is on probation for theft. You would think that she would stop getting him out of trouble but that is definitely not an option. Now she is stuck with this three bedroom apartment that she can not afford and still owes me $40 that I can kiss good bye. I said to her since you haven't been in the place for a week, speak with the leasing office and try to get a smaller place; her response "no I like it here" I know she is holding on just in case my nephew needs a place to stay. I am sorry I love him but he would not be living with me not after threatening me twice. There are too many kids who actually follow through with their threats. Now her second son the one who was diagnosed with schizophrenia is practically living with this girl and her mother who wants him to marry this girl so that she can get her papers (green card or visa, I don't know) he has stopped taking his meds and I have tried as well as my sister to tell him to come from over there, and go home but a hard head makes a soft you know what. He too is no longer working thanks to his loser brother (he actually got him a job where he was working) who cussed out the manager . Unbelievable